Customized consultancy services

The always changing Ukrainian laws require specialists to devote considerable amounts of time to studying changes.  Yet busy schedules often make it impossible to keep track of all legislative novelties and act upon them in a timely manner, which may in turn adversely affect the company business.With this in view, our company offers its clients customized consultancy services.

What is included in this package of services?Primarily it includes professional advice on issues of taxation, bookkeeping and management accounting, as well as issues relating to the reporting of untypical operations.On top of this, we monitor legislation and inform clients of all new changes along with providing clear explanations of such changes and specifics of their application, defending the client's interests when resolving disputes with the controlling authorities, and conducting seminars and trainings on the current issues of taxation and accounting.
Drawing on the experience of our employees who have successfully conducted audits in a variety of sectors of the economy, we will help you resolve the most complex of issues.

We hope that our cooperation will help you achieve new heights of success!  

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