It is rightfully believed that auditors should be at the service of business. Unless they generate value, auditors become an unwanted, uncalled-for burden.

Our mission - to provide quality services that add value to companies and strengthen public confidence.

Our goal - to establish the level of national audit as having a high quality and worthy of recognition and trust.

We believe that by working jointly we can find a wise solution that will show us the way out of any complex situation and inspire us with optimism.

At the heart of our concept of audit is a departure from technocratic inspection of facts in favor of mutual respect and the establishment of equal relations between the auditor and the organization to be audited.

We value our own business and therefore do the utmost to promote the business of each of our clients

Our objective is for audit to generate value, which in turn depends on how effectively the company under audit manages to use the three basic assets:

  1. The full potential of the auditor with all of its rich experience and professional excellence;
  2. The financial and time resources spent on the audit;
  3. Capabilities of the company's own staff.

We own the Internet resource с, designed to provide our clients with guidance and up-to-the-minute information materials.

We always welcome new contacts and invite the professional community to an exchange of opinions and a discussion of the current issues of our profession

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