Corporate social responsibility

Business Ethics Issues

Centre of Professional Audit company is deeply committed to high ethical principles of business.

During financial year 2015 all of the company’s employees have repeatedly confirmed their compliance with the Codex of Professional Ethics of Accountants and Auditors.

Adherence to the rule of  law and to the commitments under regulations are the fundamental principles of the company’s social responsibility.

Centre of Professional Audit AC holds its responsibilities towards authorities in all the issues of financial monitoring and obligatory audit.

Centre of Professional Audit AC commits to its responsibilities towards all the stakeholders our conclusions and reports influence as well as to society in general for the overall societal impact of our conclusions and our activity.

Caring for the Employees

Centre of Professional Audit AC confirms its intent to further on protect the health and wellbeing of its employees.

Widely applying collective work technologies, the company grants its employees the option to independently select the time, the place and the mode of work..

In financial  year 2015 Centre of Professional Audit has spent over 20 000.00 UAH for training and professional development of its personnel, whereas 60 per cent of employees have completed at least one course of training.  

Forty per cent of the employees enjoy the possibility to work at home as well as make avail of the flexible timetable option. During financial year 2015 the possibility to telework (an employee works predominantly at home) encompassed 60 per cent of personnel.



In 2015 Centre of Professional Audit donated directly and through Charities – over 3000.00 UAH  for social project sin cash and services. Society of Children’s Friends received a part of the funds. 

In 2015 Centre of Professional Audit joined All-Ukrainian Union of Small and Medium Enterprises Fortetsia, offering voluntary consulting to Ukrainian entrepreneurs.      

Environmental protection


With the help of virtual office the personnel of Centre of Professional Audit get access to  corporate network at home or in any part of the world. They make use of a high-speed access to attachments via voice, video messaging and data transfer, utilizing less paper and ultimately curtailing air pollution, as they do not need to come to the company’s head office in order to receive information.  

Centre of Professional Audit AC minimizes the use of fax communications and implements system of storing the operational auditing documentation exclusively in electronic format. Such measures help cut the use of paper and are aimed at protection of environment.

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